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New member here. I'm Akarui and I'm a survival horror addict. My favorite survival horror game is Parasite Eve. My least favorite is Resident Evil 2(I can't get the character to move. Plus the zombies won't die.). I also like Silent Hill 1 and 3. ^_^
My first survival horror game came around when I was, like, 7. It had been a usual thing of me to watch Dad while he played video games. He had warned me that it was scary, but I, being 7 years old, hadn't listened. So I sat down with my stuffed animal and watched him play Silent Hill 1. Then he and my grandfather(yes, you're reading that right) played Parasite Eve 1 in front of me and made me stand in the hall whenever something (the rat for example) mutated.
Currently, I'm pretty close to the end of Parasite Eve 1(Stuck in the museum), scared of playing Silent Hill 3 and unsure of my status in Parasite Eve 2 and Silent Hill 1.
Hope I didn't ramble too much.
With a stomachache,
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