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Survival Horror Anonymous' Journal

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7th April 2010

stygian_dream4:26pm: Resident Evil Fan Fiction Community
re_narrative Revolving around the movies and games of the series. :) Hope to see you there.

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30th March 2010

brigid2:41pm: Selling my copy of Silent Hill: Homecoming

also, was anyone here at PAX East? There was an awesome girl Pyramid Head cosplay (though in general not too much cosplay at all, save for a ton of TF2)

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23rd March 2009

brigid4:41pm: old school videogame purge
I'm moving and culling the herd. i had a few duplicates of SH games and figured these may be relevant to someone's interests, specifically SH1

Silent Hill 1 - original PS1 game, original packaging

Silent Hill 4 - The Room - Original Xbox game, original packaging, Team Silent's last endeavor before disbanding

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19th April 2008

guilty_spark2:56pm: Strange request here... I'm looking for pictures of the maps from the Silent Hill series.  Unfortunately, all I've come across are some fan-made walkthrough GIFs or poor quality ones.  I'm attempting to plan a d20 table-top game based off the series, and while reference material is abound, the maps are not.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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27th March 2008

une_jeune_fille10:30pm: I picked up SH Origins for PS2 today but I can't seem to find a walk thru. Since I'm a wimp I need one. Help?

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13th January 2006

ashes_jyuakyu8:18pm: Sorry to spam, a new Resident Evil RP begins soon

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Set on an Island in the Pacific, a group of survivors awake from comas to find themselves in a high-tech Laboratory complex, with no memory of how they came to be there. What secrets does the information of this facility hold? What has been done to their bodies? Where exactly are they? And what are the strange sounds of shuffling feet about them?

The only way they will obtain any of these answers is to fight for their lives and escape, whilst the creatures and ever unfolding story of Resident Evil mutates around them....

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10th January 2006

casket4mytears12:52pm: Request?
(cross-posted to a few similar comm's)

I have this wicked idea I want to mess around with, but I need like movie-type footage of sequence from Silent Hill games to pull it off (2 and 3 especially). Kind of like the opening sequence set to music on SH 3. Are there any such downloads about and avilable anywhere? Please? If the experiment works like I want it to, it should be amusing (and I will post it).

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8th December 2005

atomik_graffiti3:04am: Rrr...
Well... I came to the conclusion that I'm going to have to start a new file for Silent Hill 4... :(

I got horribly stuck, because I used all of my resources trying to kill the crazy guy in the woods (It's kinda towards the end, I think). So, I decided to take a break from the game for a while... I took too long of a break!!!

It's been almost a month and now, I can't remember what I did last time I played! So now I have to start all over from the beginning, because I have almost no life in my health bar, and nothing to make it better... And the crazy guy follows you every-fucking-where!!!

I need a smoke...
Current Mood: disappointed

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4th November 2005

atomik_graffiti2:07pm: Wowzers!
I got to play Resident Evil 4 for the first time a few days ago! ^_^

It's a pretty good game. I'm just a little dissapointed about how much they changed the game. It's like Shenmue meets Silent Hill, or something.

I really like it though, I plan on beating that game as soon as my cousin brings his crappy Gamecube over to my house.

I can't decide which is better: Silent Hill 4 or Resident Evil 4. I'm really leaning towards Silent Hill 4, because it gets me jumping more than RE4. They're both great games though. I actually like RE: Outbreak better than RE4, but that's just me.

What do you think? Which is better: SH4 or RE4?
Current Mood: energetic

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25th October 2005

aoi_senshi8:57pm: Devil May Cry Icon Awards!!
Uhm.. Hi? I'm new here, and yeah, I just want to announce that there is a Devil May Cry Icon Award Comm. who still needs members... If you like the game and love to make icons, well, this is a great place to do it! Hope ya guys join!


Questions? Ask me.

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25th September 2005

une_jeune_fille8:56pm: I was looking at Siren the other day. Does anyone know anything about this game? How would you rate it as far as horror games go?

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19th August 2005

setozoxyntheeye1:49am: Hey everyone. I'm new to this place, but I'm an addict to survival horror.

I've been playing SH4 ever since the damn game came out, but I keep avoiding it. It's not the most disturbing of the series, but it's *unnerving.* The way I see it, the game gives you a "safe place" and promptly rapes it. The game isn't particularly hard, but I feel more in touch with the character's plight than ever before.

I'll be winding it down soon, but I'm also worried that I'll make the same mistake that I did in SH1...that being I screwed-up on one tiny little detail and as a result ruined *any* possibility of a decent ending! This is a frustrating task. I almost miss the days of Pyramid Head, which seemed uncomplicated in comparison.

Anyone else but me horribly excited for the movie? It'll probably be some poor butchery of a script, but if they get some of the ol Pyramid in live action with Sean Bean putting up a good fight...then we can't lose.

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27th June 2005

starkistasis11:41am: Hell Yeah Nukka
Fatal Frame III...

It's comin...who's ready?
Current Mood: happy

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9th June 2005

ncrocker9:41am: New Resident Evil Site and Board
I've posted this link elsewhere (sorry if this si appearing more than once in your friend's list), so I figured I'd stick it here as well, in a Survival Horror community.

I only have RE Classic through Survivor up right now.

Join the board, as well.

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7th June 2005

lil_missy9451:16am: Quick Question
I made a community for "Haunting Ground" am I allowed to post the link for it here?
Current Mood: curious

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26th March 2005

akarui_hikari10:33am: Hiya,
New member here. I'm Akarui and I'm a survival horror addict. My favorite survival horror game is Parasite Eve. My least favorite is Resident Evil 2(I can't get the character to move. Plus the zombies won't die.). I also like Silent Hill 1 and 3. ^_^
My first survival horror game came around when I was, like, 7. It had been a usual thing of me to watch Dad while he played video games. He had warned me that it was scary, but I, being 7 years old, hadn't listened. So I sat down with my stuffed animal and watched him play Silent Hill 1. Then he and my grandfather(yes, you're reading that right) played Parasite Eve 1 in front of me and made me stand in the hall whenever something (the rat for example) mutated.
Currently, I'm pretty close to the end of Parasite Eve 1(Stuck in the museum), scared of playing Silent Hill 3 and unsure of my status in Parasite Eve 2 and Silent Hill 1.
Hope I didn't ramble too much.
With a stomachache,
Current Mood: stomachache-y

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7th March 2005

punkisyummy2:06pm: I was looking through a gaming magazine yesterday and i saw something for a game that sega is making called condemned. the graphics look GORGEOUS and it looks like a fps. it looks really great. very scary lookin. anyone see anything about this game?

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20th February 2005

darkstranger9239:52pm: Illbleed...
hey everyone. does anyone know about the remake of Illbleed? I heard it came out on XBox in Japan in like 2001 or 2002. my dreamcast just broke, so sadly i can't play the game on that anymore. I was realy excited about it when I heard it was being remade...do any of you know if it, indeed, will be sold in America?
Current Mood: accomplished

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9th February 2005

akaichou11:09pm: Capcom has a new PlayStation2 horror game up their sleeve, and its name is Demento. "This spine-chilling survival horror game is set in a mysterious castle that has become a prison for two innocent characters- an orphaned young girl and a white shepherd dog. They must utilize each other's strengths if they hope to escape from their horrifying surroundings." This new title "combines a compelling ambiance of terror and solitude with challenging puzzles and a unique gameplay approach." (Citations from a press release posted on GameSpot)

Demento is slated for an April 21st release in Japan. It will be hitting US and EU shelves this year (May in the US; yet to be determined for EU) as Haunting Ground, but there's no word yet on an exact date.

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